NOES Original trailer '88

Biblical book of Job IV: 13-14: 

"When deep sleep falleth on men, fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake."

NOES 4 "wanna suck face"

Sheila Kopecky is the first of the new Elm Street Brats to die. With a Romantic  swipe of the lips, he certainly takes her breathe away, and then her life. 

Flashback Weekend Chicago

Toy walks down NOES 4 memory lane with  special effects hazards, friends for life and laughter!

The Power of Mind Over Matter

“Mind Over Matter” refers to the power of thought, regardless of physical limitations.  It's also a phrase Toy has grown up practicing. 

Coming from a father in entertainment, Toy was encouraged to build her own path. She pushed limits, enthusiastically sought learning opportunities, and stood strong in the face of adversity. Even today, Toy Newkirk is a force of persistence and a source of inspiration. Whether it’s a “killer physics test” or a film production, Toy Newkirk lets her Sheila shine.